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What are the results to guys just who stay abstinent until matrimony?

What are the results to guys just who stay abstinent until matrimony?


Doctoral Candidate, College of Arizona

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Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson with his girlfriend, the performer Ciara, lately announced plans to stay intimately abstinent until wedding.

It absolutely was a promise that came as a surprise to numerous. All things considered, sexual love try a consignment beard dating that’s historically forecast of, related to – actually required of – people. However, sexual abstinence is certainly not things believed of men, specially guys like Russell Wilson.

Wilson, an accomplished, pretty athlete, embodies contemporary ideals of masculinity, which include style, wealth and, yes, sexual prowess.

Just how does men like Russell Wilson navigate dedication to abstinence while maintaining beliefs of maleness?

Wilson’s status as an athlete and heartthrob is probably giving him just what sociologist CJ Pascoe calls “jock insurance rates.” Put another way, because of his celeb standing, they can generate typically nonmasculine alternatives without their masculinity interrogate.

Exactly what can it suggest for a person that isn’t inside the limelight, who helps make a similar sort of commitment to abstinence? Continue reading “What are the results to guys just who stay abstinent until matrimony?”