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The Meaning of “The Fool” Tarot Cards. What’s the inverted concept of “The trick”?

The Meaning of “The Fool” Tarot Cards. What’s the inverted concept of “The trick”?

Tarot Quick Information

The Meaning of “The Trick” Tarot Cards

The Symbolism of Trick

Perhaps one of the most famous notes inside tarot deck, The trick may be the basic card of this vital Arcana. Numbered zero, the card is sometimes stated lay away from primary series of vital Arcana cards, making use of real very first card are no. 1, The Magician.

On card we come across a well-dressed child, setting off on a long journey — his possessions on his neck, dreaming of adventures in advance. Their tunic is covered in a floral pattern representing carefree pleasure.

Lost in the hopes and dreams, the young man doesn’t seem to spot the cliff-edge nearing in front of him.

Forgotten in his aspirations, the students people does not appear to notice the cliff-edge drawing near to in front of him. Limited puppy barks at his pumps, perhaps attempting to warn him of his impending doom.

The young guy retains an individual white flower inside the left hand — symbolizing purity and possibly naivete. Their proper supply holds his package, hanging through the side of a lengthy pole — or blued dating website is they a wand? His case contains the picture of an eagle’s head, symbolizing his dreams to rise to big heights.

A stark landscaping rises into the background, nevertheless the heavens tend to be sunny and vibrant.

NOTE: attentive tarot subscribers will observe that the their trick borrows greatly through the Suit of Wands. Many of the visual areas from the Wands cards is here if one looks closely: The stronger mention of the section of flames inside the sleeves of his tunic; The rod on his neck used to carry his possessions; The desert-rock under the young man’s ft — each one of these elements are drive recommendations with the match of Wands notes. Continue reading “The Meaning of “The Fool” Tarot Cards. What’s the inverted concept of “The trick”?”